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Worlds Unrealised

These pieces were made as a response to the Bodies of Knowledge project which explored the life and work of Irish Naturalist Annie Massy. Project details HERE

They seek to capture the experience of discovery while in nature. As a naturalist Annie relied on careful observation and a sense of wonder, which led her to many discoveries as a scientist.

The title is taken from a poem by William Wordsworth quoted in the minutes of the Dublin Naturalist Field Club, of which Annie was a member. In this entry the Club lamented the lack of value placed actual hands-on experiences in nature in the Irish Education system. Something that is sadly still lacking today.

Worlds Unrealised (series), 2023,

Cast glass snails, blown form and gold leaf

Dimensions vary each piece is approx. 17cm (W) x 15cm (D) x 5cm (H) each 

Images: Charlotte Aeb// Photographe  

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