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Family of things

"Family of Things" was an exploration of body and environment while on the Drop Out residency at Kloster Dornach in July 2021. During this time I wanted to understand the location through the psychical restriction of my body. Collecting knowledge through traversing the geography. Through the deliberate restriction of movement, I sought to absorb the nuances of the surrounding geography, utilizing the act of walking as my primary means of knowledge collection.


By confining my movements to the immediate vicinity, I became intimately acquainted with the elements that lay within my radius. These accessible fragments of the environment became the building blocks for my impressions of the locale, forming a unique perspective that transcended conventional observation.

Traversing the landscape, absorbing the sensory details and allowing them to shape my understanding. Each step, a deliberate engagement, contributing to a mosaic of experiences that would inform my artistic inquiries. "Family of Things", therefore, blossomed from the synthesis of experience, imagination, and intuition. The residency at Kloster Dornach, framed by the deliberate physical limitations imposed, became a catalyst for a profound exploration of the process of embodying environment.

For Catillon and Anna

Found objects, engraved glass, moon gold leaf, 10cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 11cm (D), 2021

Image makers own

A site specific work was created for First Fanthom exhibition at Kilmore Quay, Wexford, Ireland, in August 2021, curated by Andi McGary & Lars O’Toole.

The piece takes imagery from a residency at Kloster Dornach, and transplants the language of the Swiss forest to the Irish beach; questing how context changes our understanding. 

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