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Inconnu was made for a site specific exhibition in the courtyard on Château de Romont, in front of the Swiss glass museum: Vitromusée Romont. The exhibition was part of the Vitrofestival and the International Year of Glass 2022; running from 9 April – 3 September.

​The form is taken from sand art made by the Japanese Puffer fish. The ability to make these forms is stored somewhere in the body of the fish. Messages are written under the sea, in a language that is unreadable to humans; not meant for us but rather for a world apart from human experience. The sea is a political, historical and social space. A place that both connects us and separates us. The sea is a body that contains a multitude of knowns and unknowns. It is both a site of knowledge and a space filled with the humility of ignorance. Here the lens distorts reality and forces the viewer to look at the world from a different angle.


The work was produced with technical assistance from Niesnglass GmBH.

_AAA7902-Modifier copie.jpg



Sandcast glass disc 60cm diameter, wooden base burnt and waxed,

total height of sculpture 130cm

Images: Charlotte Aeb// Photographe  

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