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Inconnu was made for a site specific exhibition in the courtyard on Château de Romont, in front of the Swiss glass museum: Vitromusée Romont. The exhibition was part of the Vitrofestival and the International Year of Glass 2022; running from 9 April – 3 September.

The lens distorts reality and forces the viewer to look at the world from a different angle. The form is taken from a world apart from human experience, the deep sea. The sea is a political, historical and social space. A place that both connects us and separates us. The sea is a body that contains a multitude of knowns and unknowns, a well of knowledge and at the same time filled with the humility of ignorance.

_AAA7902-Modifier copie.jpg

Inconnu, 2022,

sandcast glass disc 60cm diameter, wooden base burnt and waxed, total height of sculpture 130cm

Images: Charlotte Aeb// Photographe  

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